Celebrating Freedom in Honduras

The home above belongs to the Familia Alestero. This 'family' is amazing. There are 4 tias (adopted aunts) and over 28 children (obviously not all pictured here) who live together as family. They use this house and the one below. Honestly, the inside of the houses were the cleanest I have seen - including in the United States. This 'family' has nothing by American standards. And yet, what they do have is beautifully taken care of. I can't wait to take our family to these homes... and feel true Honduran hospitality at its finest.

If you look carefully in the above picture, you will see a political sign for Pepe Lobo. There was something exciting about seeing people living so remotely out on the Mosquito Coast yet committed about voting in the elections for their country's future. These people will most likely never see the capital of their country... they probably won't even see the other side of the jungles of La Moskitia. But, they take the privilege of voting seriously. So remote, yet still concerned.

Sunday, Honduras elected the candidate shown on Familia Alestero's sign, Pepe' Lobo. Three cheers for Familia Alestero and their Christ-honoring way of caring for children without parents. Three cheers for Pepe' Lobo for capturing the hearts of the remote Miskitos. Three cheers for Honduras, for standing strong through this election even when political and economic pressure mounted. Three cheers for freedom.

I urge you to read the results for yourself here in the article Hondurans Vote by Mindy Belz of World Magazine.


Awesome! My go to source (La Gringa) hasn't posted anything and I didn't really trust too many others.

I can't belive you get to go to Honduras to minister. How wonderful!
Holly (me.) said…
Your passion is showing. :)

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