Shoes Seeking Feet!

Our sweet church, Pin Oaks Christian Fellowship put together a wonderful shoe drive for the orphans (and needy adults) of Honduras. Shoes and underwear came from as far as Wisconsin and Florida. What a testimony to the generosity of God's people!

Our church collected over 200 pairs of childrens' shoes, over 250 underwear items, 20+ pair of soccer cleats, boxes full of clothing and shoes for adults, sports equipment and so on! We are tickled to carry these items with us!

Now to find the feet who need to wear each pair of shoes! We are praying over all of these shoes; praying that God will show us the little ones who would be blessed by these gifts. Alex and I couldn't be more thrilled for this trip. God works in such amazing ways. There are more qualified people to do this task; people who speak Spanish fluently, people who have theology training, people who are professionals. But God takes our weakness and uses it all as a testimony to His power! I love that about our God!

Now... how about these cute little zapatos?

Teeny, tiny feet were made to wear these teeny, tiny shoes. My friend, Cynda, gave these adorable things. There is a special baby girl out there and we will find her; a special baby girl who needs these. I feel like the prince in Cinderella... searching for the lady whose feet fit the glass slipper. I am searching for a baby for these shoes... shoes that were a loving sacrifice for our friends to buy and a precious gift for us to give.


Araratacres said…
So looking forward to the stories and pictures of those little soles and their souls that get the shoes :).
Angela said…
This is such a wonderful idea. God will truly bring about blessings for this. I went to e-mail you today but i lost your e-mail. I would love to talk to you about adoption and attatchment.
gracie :) said…
Thinking about you guys today and wondering how your adventure is going. Can't wait to hear the details of your trip! God's blessings be upon you and you seek His directions for your lives.

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