Home Again, Home Again...

We have returned to this place we currently call home... safe and sound, reunited with our kids. Praise God.

However, there is a totally different feel about this place we temporarily call 'home.' Temporary. The events of our Honduras trip are numerous and will probably come spilling out here bit by bit. Bottom line - we are eager to follow the Lord where He calls. And it sounds like He is calling us to La Mosquitia, otherwise known to gringos as the Mosquito Coast.

Honestly, this location was not where we ever imagined ourselves permanently. It is a remote area, accessible only by boat or plane. When the trip was planned, we felt like we had to visit simply because I worked on a video and newsletter for an orphanage out there, Mama Tara's. We thought our family would be better suited to work in the larger cities of San Pedro Sula or La Ceiba with maybe a visit to La Mosquitia for a few weeks each year. God, though, had completely different plans.

When the small plane touched down on the red dirt runway of Puerto Lempira in La Mosquitia, we both just knew. When we rode the 4WD vehicle around the muddy, rutted roads of Puerto Lempira, we both just knew. When we visited with these happy, peaceful people who loved our mutilated attempts to speak part of their language, we both just knew. When we loved on these beautiful children, we both just knew.

We have no idea exactly what we will be doing yet. There are many prayers being lifted among friends and various ministries. There are discussions of a wide-variety of options. All we know is this... we will absolutely go as soon as we can get our fund-raising completed - probably by next summer. And as my sweet husband has already said, God has all of that money under His control and has already prepared the hearts of the people who will partner with us. Whew!
So much more to say... but for now I'll leave you with these 3 snapshots.


Araratacres said…
Oh Laura, I am so excited for you, yet I have a lump in my throat too. What an adventure, what a calling, what an honor to be called to such a place. We (Charlie and I) are on your team. Much love, Liz
gracie :) said…
I love it!! I can't wait to hear more!
JFinch>32dY said…
oh WOW you both look so at peace I thank God for the opportunity's you are heading into, love your family.
Wowwie, wow, wow, wow!


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