Counting Shoes... and Blessings!

Our house was hit hard this week with the lovely H1N1. Not fun. And yet, it appears that God knew we all needed a bit of a break.

Today, we all felt well enough to inventory the shoes, undies, etc. that we've received so far for our trip. We have almost 100 pairs of shoes so far! Our kids are so excited. We are imagining all of the little feet that will get to wear these.

I love that God has called our entire family to this task... not just Alex and me. Our eldest 2 have ideas of very special ministries that they want to begin in the Spring; can't wait to share these :).

God is very, very good. And, thankfully, He knew that our little ones could better handle the H1N1 with Daddy and Mommy at home.

Hoping your day is beautiful!


gracie :) said…
So sorry to hear your children are sick. That is not fun! But thankful there is joy in the midst of it all. How wonderful for them to feel a part of this calling!

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