It's a Girl!

It started out as a harmless trip to our local trade days. We were just going to check out 'white puppies' for Little Mommy's Christmas present. Instead, we came home with this beauty... a miniature schnauzer named Becca. And to top it off, my Mom & Dad brought home her twin! What fun... the numbers are approaching equal in the boy vs. girl category at our place!

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Angela said…
We had a black Mini named Tyson. We misshim A lot. This will be a great dog for you all. it's a great breed
Nicki said…
Awwww, that is so cute! Puppies love getting to stay near their littermates! Our dog had puppies, we kept one and several of our families kept some, and all of the puppies LOVE seeing each other! Your two are so cute running along together in that last picture!

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