Emotion Stew

My ears hear the tinkling of Christmas tunes in the other room as Little Mommy delightfully kicks of the holiday season early.

My nose reminisces on my childhood with the scent of a burning fire in our fireplace.

My heart feels heavy for my sweet baby sister who starts chemo on Monday.

My eyes truly embrace the gift of a clean house thanks to my precious husband and children.

My head reels with excitement as we make reservations for our mission exploration trip to Honduras.

My hands ache to hold malnourished babies, sign with deaf children and love on Honduran wee ones.

My soul thanks my God for a full life; not easy, but complete.


Laura! Do you know sign language? Will your mission work involve teaching the deaf?? If so, wowza! We have a lot in common! My degree is Education for the Deaf.

I'm praying for your trip.
Now, I'll start praying for your sister.
Angela said…
Thank you for joining my Blog.
Sara said…
Hi Laura, I just read the comment you left on our blog...how exciting that you are coming to Honduras! I would love to know more about your trip and possibly meet up with you here. Our two year commitment with the mission here is up in Nov and we will be returning to the states to start a new chapter in our lives so I am not sure that we will even still be here when you come. Here's our e-mail if you want to correspond more. bribilodeau@yahoo.com
God bless, Sara

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