Outdoor Hour Nature Challenge - Cattails

We are back in business with Nature Study this semester! Every week we've taken an hour or so to just examine something outside. I will say the observation is much more challenging now that we are surrounded with concrete instead of our beloved 9 acres. However, we are determined to find God's creation wherever we are planted :).

This week we are specifically joining back in with the Outdoor Hour Challenges at Barb's blog, Handbook of Nature Study. Her challenge was to locate and observe cattails. After reading a bit about cattails, we set out to our local nature museum to see if we could spy cattails in the wetland area of the museum. Unfortunately, we did not see even one cattail. However, we had a beautiful time trying.


Keep your eyes open for some cattails and you will be prepared!

Thanks for sharing your nature study this week. It is encouraging to me that others are out there trying like we are to enrich our children's lives with nature.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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