But a vapor...

A vapor; a breath; fragile; ... all words to describe this tenuous experience we call life. We received some surprising, unsettling health news today about someone very dear to me. Cancer, once defeated, has again reared an ugly head. The story is not mine to share, but hers.

I write today not about someone else's business, but my very own reminder of the thin thread that holds us here. That's what it is, you know. A thin thread, easily broken... whether it be cancer, heart attack, stroke, AIDS, a car accident or the like; the end result is the same.

We all grow one day closer to the threshold where much is unknowable. My thoughts today are not so much consumed with the details of heaven, but instead, what to do with the days in between? I say we dig in and continue that reckless loving I wrote about last week. We have nothing to lose... not one thing. I say we work on heaven's treasures, those that last for eternity, rather than being mere 'collectors' of things that will turn to dust. I say we allow ourselves to breathe deeply, feel intensely and live like there is no tomorrow... because there just may not be.

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