A Mommy Moment...

WARNING: This post contains reference to toddler bodily excretions... if you have a queasy tummy, you may just want to skip right over this one :)

By all plans, it was to be a quick trip to Mardel for some lamination action (we are only 2.5 weeks away from Day 1 of our new school year)... fairly innocuous, right? All was well for the better portion of 95 seconds. Little Boy Blue, shocked at the confines of the cart, decided to scream at the top of his lungs for, oh, 30 minutes while I persisted in my lamination of all of the Presidents of the United States. If nothing else, I am consistent. I do not give in to tantrums... no sir, not me :).

Somewhere around the time I put Millard Filmore into the lamination machine, Little Mommy comes by trailed closely by Prince Caspian. With a disgusted voice she yells, "Mommy, Prince Caspian pooped." Maintaining composure, I checked and sure enough, our newly potty-trained one had an accident.

I quickly wrapped things up, trying to get Barack Obama in the lamination machine while running into the bathroom to deal with this unexpected, unpleasant surprise. No diaper bag, no wipes, no clean underwear. I was planning for a quick trip, folks! Finally, we are all able to exit the store and I breathe a sigh of relief...

We were safely loaded into my mammoth-Mommy-mobile moving toward home when Little Mommy casually adds... "Mommy, some of the poop escaped from Prince Caspian's underpants." Shocked, I slammed on the brakes and incredulously asked, "WHAT?" "Yep, he wiggled around and some fell out and I kicked it." Oh my... Trying to hide my disbelief and an unexpected giggle, I replied "Now this is the type of information that might have been helpful when we were IN the store."

Oh... woe to the person who has to sweep Mardel tonight! Maybe I need to make a phone call to give them a heads-up! Would those crazy Moms-of-many please just keep up with all of their kids???

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