Breath of Fresh Air

Knee-deep in planning for our next school year, I stumbled across a wonderful Tapestry of Grace resource: the Virtual Conference workshops by Tapestry owner and creator, Marcia Somerville. On a whim, I decided to listen to the 'Tips for Teaching a Houseful' workshop.

Marcia's voice played in the background as I entered lesson plans on my computer. Her tips were timely and refreshing to me. I've struggled to get motivated to plan for our year in the midst of major life changes. I have even asked our kids several times if they would like to try out the public school across the street this year since we probably won't have this opportunity again. The answer has consistently been 'No thanks, Mom.'

So, yesterday I sat and began seriously planning for our August 3rd start date. Encouragement came from Marcia's reminder that I can do this. I can create and maintain a quiet, calm environment in which my kids can learn and thrive. I can love my little preschool guys and give them plenty of attention in the midst of schooling. I can personally thrive in my relationship with God when things are calm and quiet. I can love my husband deeply even when I'm literally wrung out like a dirty dishcloth after a day of Mommying. I can do this!

The primary thing I took from the workshop was this... my job is to live for God, to serve God and to do the things He has called me to do. I'm not to blow from side to side like a wayward leaf every time some attractive option comes up that would rob us all of the plans He has for our family. I'm not to worry about what others think of our choices: to homeschool, to move outside of the United States as missionaries, to adopt and so on. I'm to put one foot in front of the other and walk with His hand firmly leading ours.

Whew... you'd think I would have learned all of this by now :). The reminders are welcome, especially since I never had to leave my house to listen to them.


Sounds like I need to listen to this. I'm knee deep in planning for our second year with ToG. I'm excited, but hope to utilize the program better this time (not moving two times should help).

Rockin' C said…
I love it! I think we all need this encouragement from time to time. I'm going to have to find this workshop recording. I just listened to one of Little Bear Wheeler's confrence recordings & got a totally different message out of it the second go than the first. Funny, I have been thinking a lot about homeschooling & the dynamics of our family vs. other families. You made a wonderful point - It is not others leading us - It is GOD!

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