Blog Hop: Who Am I? 3 Things You May Not Know...

Uno... I studied law at Queen's College at Oxford the summer following my first year at law school. What an experience! Loved afternoon tea time, the beautiful sunsets from my attic room, and the lovely rose garden & chapel. Adjusted to baths only (no showers on my floor)! All in all, one of my most memorable summers.

Dos... My father sells antique books. His store is fantastic and a rare find in today's fast-paced world! He has a copy of an original Geneva Bible which he hides in his back room! (Only very special patrons are entitled a viewing!) I am the lucky one who gets to 'check' books out of The Book Gallery... a perk, I guess, of having a true bibliophile for a father.

Tres... I love to watercolor paint. In my twenty-somethings, I painted every week, taking lessons from a Master in Minneapolis. It was a delightful period of my life. My dreams include a day or two of painting in a busy Latin American marketplace. I can almost picture the sounds, smells and sights of such a place right now. By the way, watercolor painting is fairly easy to begin; a simple watercolor set and some decent paper provide hours of enjoyment.

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