Blog Hop - My Favorite Photo...

Daddy Carry Me!

There are a myriad of reasons why this photo continues to be on my all-time favorites list. As an introduction, this is my husband, Alex, a strong and capable Daddy, to be certain. Little Mommy, 6, goes before him on the path toward the lake. Our Prince Caspian, 3, has his hand in Daddy's hand. Little Boy Blue, 2, is being carried by his Daddy. Budding Author, our 9-year old, has already ventured down to the lake on his own.

So, where am I going with this? Not only does this picture reflect the love of my husband for our brood; it also reflects the love of our Heavenly Father. The longer we experience a relationship with Him, the more comfortable we are stepping out and knowing He is right behind us! Our youngest, and most vulnerable, is always the one that wants Daddy's arms to comfort him in tight situations. And Prince Caspian, experiencing the taste of a bit of freedom, is happy just holding Daddy's hand.

May we seek to be people who live with the confidence that our God is right with us, even when we step out in faith and walk a few steps forward where we may not automatically see Him. And may we never grow too far in our walk that we can't come back and say 'Daddy, carry me' when things spin out of control.

Happy Blog Hop!


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