Little Boy Blue Grows Up!

If you know our family personally, you know that Little Boy Blue is ALL... BOY. He's active, energetic, stubborn, strong-willed and delightful. Everyone at church jokes about Little Boy Blue and his obsession with balls and round objects.

If you don't know our family personally, I'll just put it this way... he's had a very rough start to life. His challenges have been many. He does have an obsession with all-things-round that stems from some early attachment issues that have resurfaced during our relocation. It sounds odd, I know. And unless you are familiar with the attachment challenges of adopted children, this may not make sense :).

This morning Alex ventured to take all 4 kiddos to a special free screening of Ice Age 3. After a week of single parenting with Alex out of town, I was delighted to spend some time home school planning for our next year. Alex and I laughingly put together a back-up plan for Little Boy Blue's first movie experience as we knew he would only last 10 minutes max!

Much to our surprise, our little boy wonder lasted the entire movie in Daddy's lap! Of course, he stuffed his face full of popcorn the whole time. Today is a day for small accomplishments in our family. The incremental growing-up of kids is a celebration at every stage; for this family, Little Boy Blue's self-control is a major, major milestone.


Rockin' C said…
OMGoodness - My Mustangs have the exact same swim gear. The shirt & all = TARGET!

He is a cutie!

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