The List

Summer break around here can easily decline into a time of constant requests for video games, computer time and TV. These constant requests remind me of Chinese water torture... constant and dripping. And they make for an unhappy, nagging Mommy, too.

Armed with a new idea, I set out to make this summer different. Thus, The List. I sat down with my two big kids and we brainstormed all types of activities that might be fun to try. The List includes about 50 options. They have the freedom to plan their morning from the items on The List. It is not my suggestion, it is their selection. The List includes things such as: sculpey, nature time outside, cooking, sewing, sudoku, hangman, shoe-tying lessons for Little Mommy, knot-tying, chess, etc.

Next, I worked out a schedule of sorts:

  • Wake-Up
  • Eat & Quiet Time
  • Jobs (dishwasher, bed, teeth, pets, laundry)
  • The List - You Plan Your Morning!
  • Lunch
  • Read Alouds w/ Mom
  • Techno Gizmo Time
  • Play Outside / Help with Dinner
  • Dinner
My eldest came up with the name 'Techno Gizmo' for the time during the afternoon where they can play their computer games or watch a video, etc.

There are no time slots because that just doesn't seem to work for our family. It seems to work better for us to move from one thing to the next without watching the clock.

So far, so good. Yesterday, they voluntarily included play time with the little boys in their List time. That worked out well since I've got a house to pack and a week left to finish. I wish procrastination weren't so attractive to me!

I look forward to seeing how this works on those days when we have nothing special planned. Hopefully, Mom will be able to cease her nagging and enjoy these days herself. :)

Update: In case I seem like an unrealistic Mommy, please know that my kids watched Mary Poppins this morning while I caught up with a friend on the phone. I'm not a Stepford Mommy :).


Holly (me.) said…
Not a Stepford Mommy, but definitely a Smart Mommy! I especially appreciate the freedom from the clock while still having a plan of action for everyone.

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