Change in Decor and Thoughts on Books

It seems I continually like to change things up over here at my blog. In real life, I hate rearranging decor. Funny, the blog is so much easier to do!

I'm heavy in the midst of home-school planning. My mind races about how I'm going to home-school in another country with all.of.our.books! Honestly, I'd rather take books with us than clothes. No kidding.

If any of you know of home-schooling families who live abroad as missionaries who also happen to blog, please send me links. I'm curious about how they manage the logistics. Our goal is to keep as much of our current curriculum as we can (think $$$). And yet, maybe some simplification is in order?

Ideas are heartily welcomed.


I have 4 missionary links on my blog and another overseas homeschooler in my blog list (mideastmom). I know they'd be happy to answer any Qs you might have. Sowers for Pastors and The Hayes Zoo in Honduras are really the only consistenly active bloggers, but any of them would respond to contact. Mideastmom is one of the most organized women I know. Check out hers for sure! She's en route back to the mideast and moving and having a baby next month, so she may take awhile to get back to you, but I think her blog has TONS of info about this kind of thing.

Sorry to get so longwinded.

in Him,
gracie :) said…
Love the new look. The header pic is adorable!! Precious children. Maybe it's time to catch up?!
Dana said…
I will tell you this. We used the flat rate boxes and shipped at least 14 boxes of books over to Africa with us so it can be done! It's a one time expense and for us was an important thing to have!
P.S. I meant to tell you how wonderful your header looks! Great shot!

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