Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble

Bubble. Bubble. My sin continues to bubble up around me and pop right in my face. It is as if God is intentionally revealing each and every sin of mine. If I miss something, He doesn't hesitate to place a reminder squarely in my path. Self-centeredness, pride, bitterness, self-centeredness, foolishness, lack of faith; oh, and did I mention self-centeredness??

May I seek His face and His healing and try to keep my mouth shut. Can anyone relate?

Yes, I warped Shakespeare there for the sake of an appropriate title. However, I do love the bard; no harm meant, Mr. Shakespeare.


momtofivekids said…
I can relate! I've been trying to make sure and get some quiet time during the day when I just pray. It helps :)
Araratacres said…
Ditto for me too. Although, methinks you might be a little too harsh on yourself. We are all fallen souls, and given this, I think it's normal to have an occasional self-centered thought. And, speaking as someone who knows you, I would hardly put you in the self centered category. All we can do is just strive to do better, and be ok with the fact that we will never achieve perfection, no matter how hard we may try.
Laura said…
Ha Liz! - I certainly have you fooled :). No really, I find it no coincidence that we publicly announced our family's move toward missions and so many things have begun to bubble up. God is not going to let us head out believing that we have the power to accomplish anything on our own.

There is goodness in God's sifting, yes? The sermon this morning was right on in that area for me dealing with these sins, and several others. I loved what the pastor said about what remains after the shake-down... the unshakable, rock-solid faith.

My prayer for all of us is to endure the sifting and come out with that unwavering faith that can move others. Meanwhile, I'll try to shun the invite to my own pity party.

Love ya Liz. The cake was wonderful, by the way. And thanks for helping with the set-up!
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