Always a Light...

Can I just say that God never ceases to surprise me?!? Here I thought we were leaving so much behind as we moved into our rent house. The birds, the trees, the comfort and so on. And yet, here on this tiny suburban lot, I find several species of bird friends that delight my daughter. I also find a school room window that looks out, not on the busy road next to us, but on tree tops! Delight.

And instead of our acres to roam and romp on, our kids have a pool in which to dive. We are not 'leaving behind'; we are walking forward. And tomorrow looks ever so beautiful to me.


Kerri said…
Loving and missing you so much today! You write your heart so well. Thanks for being so transparent . . . LOVE that about you my dear, dear friend.
momtofivekids said…
We've moved a number of times over the years and our favorite place that we lived was an old farm house that we rented. Our landlords lived on the other side of the house. It was very small and run down, but it was a perfect home for us.
God Bless!
So true! God always looks after us, if only we pay attention. I think that is the true challenge for most people. I find myself not paying attention sometimes as well.

I am happy you are feeling at peace with your life change!


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