Why I Love Prince Caspian...

My soon-to-be 3-year old just delights me at times. I stare in wonder at his eyelashes and imagine the birth Mommy and Daddy that created such beautiful things. His smile and his deep love for his forever family resonate in his every word and action.

Last night, he and I had a slumber party since big kids and Daddy are out of town. He was elated. I would wake up during the night and find his little hand rubbing my face or my hair. Gently, I would whisper "go back to sleep little one" and he would get his blankie, find the tag and put his thumb back in his mouth to enjoy his special time with Mommy.

As the sun rose, I jumped up to grab some coffee, enjoy the quiet and read. He was still asleep. Several minutes later, I hear loud, loud, loud singing going on. I walk back there ssshhhhhing him so that Little Boy Blue won't wake up. He says to me... "but I singing my Jesus loves me." Yes, baby, your Jesus does love you.... and so does your Mama. Sing your praises loud, buddy! Sing 'em loud!


So sweet! Can't believe he is three~I love three and four year olds!!

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