We have an offer on our house! Praise God above for moving mountains on that one. Alongside of excruciating waiting on an offer, Alex has been gone for what seems like forever. We've both decided that this is not how we want to live as a family. So, stay tuned... God may be starting something very different.

My anxiety level has been very high these last few weeks. Why was I moving along quite well for so long only to fall into an 'anxiety abyss?' I know my days of successful parenting and teaching are only by the grace of God. So, this period of heart palpitations, sleep deprivation, etc... is this an attack on me, personally?

Next week, we are on the beach for a much-needed week. My parents have a time-share and we are the grateful recipients this year. Celebration! Prince Caspian tells me everyday, "I go to beach." Little Boy Blue keeps using the sign for 'peach' when he hears us talking about the beach. Comic relief.


gracie :) said…
Exciting news! Can't wait to see what God is doing in your lives. Hope you guys have a WONDERFUL, relaxing time as a family at the beach!
Mrs. Edwards said…
This is good news about your house. I'm looking forward to someday reading a post with your "big reveal." Enjoy your vacation!
Melissal89 said…
So glad to hear you have an offer on your home! And praying that your anxiety levels get better...I know all about those anxiety levels!

Also, just stopping by to let you know that my friend Cindy (Our Journey Westward) and I have just launched a brand new company offering nature-themed e-book unit studies. We are having a giveaway to celebrate. We'd love to have you come visit.

Blessings, Melissa

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