A Workbox Dedicated to Quiet Time

Our workbox organizational tool is working so well that Budding Author completed all of his boxes by lunchtime. Nothing like visual motivation to move a young man out of procrastination!

Daily, one box for both big kids includes a sticky note saying "Quiet Time with God." They are free to choose what they 'do' during their Quiet Time. My goal is to help them develop the habit, not control the content or step between the relationship. I posted a few ideas for them on our bulletin board and I set the timer for 10 minutes. They are free to go longer if they choose.

Today during Little Mommy's Quiet Time with God, I found her reading her Bible to Prince Caspian. This makes me smile! I'm delighted that Budding Author asks to read for 'just a few more minutes' when I tell him the 10 minutes are up. Thank you, Lord, for capturing the hearts of our kiddos!

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Kenya said…

You are AMAZING! Have a great day!

We need to meet sometime. Or, you need to invite me to come over.

Amy said…
I love this idea! Thanks for sharing:-)

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