Tripping Through Theology (TTT) - Take 4

If you've been in the world for any amount of time, you've likely encountered either the Modernist or the Postmodernist. Our most recent theology class at illustrated the difference between these two mindsets.

The Modernist asks rational questions about the evidence for Christianity such as How do you know the Bible is the same as it was 2000 years ago? How did Noah get all of the animals on the ark? What about all of the seeming contradictions in the Bible? and so on.... The Modernist views truth as an objective reality grounded, not in God, but in the laws of nature.

The Postmodernist asks more emotional questions about subjective matters such as If God exists, why is there evil? Why would God send anyone to hell? Why is a loving God so cruel in the OT? and so on.... The Postmodernist views truth as subjective and accepts contradiction. To the Postmodernist God can be Yahweh, God can be Allah, God can be a tree, God can be this computer I'm typing on ... all at the same time.

While we Christians do not need to classify ourselves as either Modern or Postmodern, we should be prepared for sincere questions from both camps. Additionally, we must understand the Truth we hold to and thereby represent to the world.

As I stated in my last post on theology, I am an objectivist, believing that Truth exists regardless of my belief or understanding of that Truth. I differ from the Modernist in that my Truth is grounded in an eternal God, not in the laws of nature. I hold the law of non-contradiction to be essential to my understanding of Truth. God cannot be both God and not-God at the same time. One or the other is true.

Can we be authentic enough with ourselves and with others to admit that all of the above questions and those like them posed by the Modernist, the Postmodernist and the eccentric are not easily answered? I, myself, have struggled and am struggling through some of these same types of questions. Our culture is not impressed with incomplete answers or naivete. They seek real people, with real struggles who can empathize with their doubts in a real manner. Are we up to the task or would we prefer to answer 'because I just have faith' and lose both the battle and the war?

The more I learn, the more I realize how much I do not know. What a great place to be... in complete and utter dependence upon the God who made me for His answers.

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