Introvert? How in this world could my daughter be introverted... she's just shy! Ha!

A friend loaned me a book about how different personality types learn. What a treasure this has been! I've realized that I am a 'student of my students.' This year has been the year that I've looked more at them, their gifting, their challenges instead of at my bumbling inability as a teacher. What I've discovered is 4 very different people, with very different, very specific learning needs.

This semester, I've tried to tailor things more to each child. Next semester only gets better. Praise God for this revelation. Even my Dad said my kids are fortunate that I can teach to their strengths and interests. THAT (his compliment) is nothing short of amazing.

So my precious introvert now has some grace from her somewhat extroverted Mommy. America, as a society, values extroversion and desires that introverts either stay in the lab or come out of their shell. That fits with the ridiculous Hollywood mentality we have... extroverted + beautiful = popularity. I will be different with my girl... I will encourage her and allow her to emerge slowly. It isn't as if she is uninterested in others; just preferential to a few close relationships. May I have eyes that see the beauty in different than me.


Mrs. Edwards said…
Since I'm confirmed introvert I had a chuckle with this. My mother (another introvert) used to coach me in conversation: "Answer the question and then say one more thing." (Excellent advice that people of all personality types should heed. Manners are a lost art.)

I'm glad you aren't forcing her out of her shell. It will happen in time as she matures and finds her confidence.

Thanks for the reminder to study my children and know them well. Sometimes, with four children and two of them twins, I can fall into a rut of approaching them as a collective community, "my kids," rather than four individuals.
Laura said…
I just reread that post and corrected some stupid mistakes. How I wish you and I could just visit in person... it would help me in my Mommying to know you!

Your Mom is wise in what she said. I will take that statement to heart for myself and for my children.

Often, my four are lumped together collectively, too. I find I'm especially guilty of doing this with my two little guys. They are so very different. My husband and I are trying to have more one on one time with each of them and explore their uniqueness.

Thanks for commenting and making me look more carefully at myself.

Have a great day!
Mrs. Edwards said…
I imagine I am the one that would be helped!
Holly (me.) said…
Ah. Introverts fascinate me. I like to simply watch them in group settings. The wheels are often turning as they carefully consider, craft, hone their words before interjecting into conversation. Except that (so often!) by the time their response is prepared to their satisfaction, the conversation has moved on and the faceted jewel the introvert has to share is lost because the setting has changed. It intrigues me enough to later ask them "if they had a thought to share..." on whatever the topic was just to hear what sort of gem they would've added.
Araratacres said…
Alas, I too, am an introvert. And (shocker!)while the world loves an extrovert, I love my "introvertedness", and I think this is ok (to be sure, I am not a hermit, nor am I condoning hermit behavior). To be content with yourself as your only company is a highly paid compliment to yourself....don't you think? I also think that if properly encouraged, it is a strong character trait, as essentially, you are defying society and being yourself, despite what might be considered "normal" in order to be popular. I decided long ago, that my happiness was much more dependent on me than on what mold I should fit into (as dictated by others). To Little rock!...and welcome to the club.
I love what Holly said about asking the introvert for her thoughts. This happened to me once. I, the introvert, sat quietly realizing that conversation had moved on and my gem could not be shared when someone piped up and said, Cynda, what do you think? I was elated! This is something I had totally forgotten about till reading Holly's comment. I will have to remember that for my introverted friends and hope someone will ask me to share my thoughts.

Great post, Laura! You are teaching us all so much!!

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