Makin' Plans...

As we rapidly come to a close on our school year, I cannot help but look ahead to 4th grade and 1st grade and Tot School for 2009/2010. Our school year finishes in early May and typically starts near the end of July. We plan to continue Living Math throughout the summer alongside Five in a Row. (More on those in individual posts.)

Here are my initial thoughts:

Wee Boys - 2 & 3 years old

Before Five in a Row (B4FIAR)
Preschool Activity Bags & Montessori-type activities in workboxes
LOTS of outside time oooing and aaaahing over bugs and things

Both Little Mommy & Budding Author

Tapestry of Grace - Year 3 - History, Literature, Vocabulary & Geography
Apologia Elementary Science - Anatomy & Finish Land Animals, Swimming Creatures
Nature Study
IEW Poetry
Notgrass Bible Study
Enrichment Classes
Circle Time - Memory Work, Songs, Etc.

Little Mommy - 1st grade

MEP Math & Saxon Math 2
Five in a Row (FIAR)
Sign Language w/ Signing Time and File Folder games
Explode the Code - Book 4-6
All About Spelling - finish Level 1
Reason for Handwriting
Primary Language Lessons

Budding Author - 4th grade

MEP Math & Teaching Textbooks 5
Latina Christiana I - Lessons 13-25
Growing with Grammar or Easy Grammar 4
Phonetic Zoo & Spelling Wisdom - Spelling/Dictation
IEW - Student Writing Intensive Continuation A
Theology for Kids
Logic Links & other beginning Logic resources
Reason for Handwriting or other cursive copywork

My next step is determining how to locate these products at the very best price. Next week is my first homeschool group book sale. I hope to find everything related to Five in a Row on sale!


Wow! Sounds like fun! I love that you are not afraid of subjects like sign language. Good luck with your book search!

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