You Have to Know...

"Now that I have seen, I am responsible..." lyrics from Albertine by Brooke Fraser

Recently, I've been reading this amazing young woman's blog, The Journey. I dare you to click over and see how this 20-something servant of Christ is showing God's love to desperately needy children.

I cannot read her words and ignore what her heart shares. The responsibility for these helpless ones lies with you and me, sisters and brothers in Christ. We cannot simply know and ignore.

Are these children God-forsaken? Or are these children Church-forsaken? It is not God who forgets these little ones; it is me, you and our multi-billion dollar church industry. My stomach churns and my prayers grow ever more fervent that God will show our family the details of His calling for us specifically. And my prayers grow ever more fervent that He will do the same for you.


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