Circular Holding Patterns

It is such an odd feeling... circling, that is. We've been praying about something so large lately; praying, seeking, praying, seeking and praying some more. Our next step is clear, selling our house. And yet, our house fails to sell. So, we circle. And ... we circle.

Strange discovery; circling brings its own challenges and its own rewards. Dependency. Light. Time. Revelation.

My absence in the blogosphere coincides with sickness, struggles and circling. I hope to be back very, very soon.


liz said…
Laura, I am praying for you and Alex. I am sure you guys are circling around something quite wonderful (I know you are not ready to release your thoughts to the general public, but I'm sure what evolves will be so fantastic and such an obvious fit when it comes to light). Be well, in heart, mind, body and soul. Remember, when a bird circles, it is being carried by a wind current, and its energy is being stored for later use :).
Christy said…
Praying for you and your family, Laura. Continue to pursue peace, my friend :)
Holly (me.) said…
Waiting places are rarely fun, but the destination is usual well worth the wait. All things in good time, dear one.

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