Living in the Center...

Have you ever experienced a time where you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were living and breathing in the center of God's will for your life? Oh, I know, the phrase 'God's will' is thrown around in Christian circles much too flippantly. And yet, the familiarity of our speech does not negate the fact that God does have a 'will' - a desired plan/purpose for each life.

If you've ever been in the very center of His will, you know that it is much like resting in the eye of the hurricane. The very center of the hurricane is calm, unmoved. Immediately outside the center is harsh, devastating and out-of-control weather. Believe me, I've experienced many more days in the outer perimeter of God's will than I care to admit.

But oh those days in the center of His will ... they make me crave more and more of that peace, that calm, that absolute surrender. My husband and I have spent the last 5 days talking about just this topic. We both experienced our 'center of God's will' in the storm of fostering and adoption. Even though situations around us were often harsh and swirling out-of-control, we were able to move forward because we were 'living in' His beautiful peace. We were right where we were designed to be during that time.

Today, as we pray about this very big thing that burdens my husband, we seek only to live in the center; the absolute eye of His will. Anything less would be chaotic.

Oh, and if you haven't experienced that life in the center, I highly encourage you to give it a shot. Just maybe your attempts at control will be as futile as mine.


Holly (me.) said…
I was wrestling with the awfulness of children who have no family to claim as their very own, and I read these two posts. So, I figured I was simply being prompted to pray for you guys with whatever God has next for your dear family. Then Missy Bit blew my mind with her intentions to right the wrongs of aging out for at least one somebody. I am not sure that we do not need to somehow try to find a bit of time to catch up.

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