Field Trip

My new photography hobby took flight. It was as if I was seeing Dallas with new eyes; I took over 150 pictures of our day in downtown. We started our field trip at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra for their 'Clowning Around' performance. Next, we ate lunch with new friends at the Plaza of the Americas. A fully-restored antique trolley car then took us around Dallas and Oak Lawn. And we topped our day off with a tour of the Asian Art Museum. Honestly, I cannot think of anything else we could have squeezed in. Great memories.

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Val said…
Love the photos!
Holly (me.) said…
Ooooh. You have many talents my friend. This is definitely to explore further because you are obviously a photographic genius.
I would love to have more info on your Day in Dallas itinerary because we do not get the kiddies out to see their city as much as we ought...
I want to see more photos!! Those are great. Did you try Aperture and Shutter Speed too. I've been playing around with those lately, but haven't gotten out much to take real-world pics.

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