Turning Pages in 2009

My only attempt at list-making for myself this year will be my lists-o'-books. My reading time almost takes on a life of its own. I find myself eagerly anticipating that time of day where I can crawl into bed and decide which book to take on for the evening. This year, I want to approach this 'hobby' (a.k.a. obsession) with a bit more organization.

The first list: Books-to-be-Read by Me to Me. This list is my wish-list of books to either borrow from a friend, 'check out' from my Dad's rare bookstore or even buy for our permanent perusal. I plan to post this list here in the next few days to add a bit of accountability to the mix. In the preparation of this list, I'm consulting many great sources: a book entitled The Well-Educated Mind, the U.S. Presidents Reading Project, Mrs. Edwards, Mt. Hope Chronicles, and books recommended by my family and friends - including Cynda who happens to have a new blog!

The second list: Books-to-be-Read by Me to My Wee Ones. This list is our read-alouds for the year... including those from Tapestry of Grace or Five in A Row. I'll post this list on my side-bar as we are reading ... thanks for the idea blogging homeschoolers out there.

The third list: Books Read by Me w/ annotations. I'm the worst at reading a book, enjoying it immensely and then forgetting very important details about why I even enjoyed the hours spent in its company. No more! I'm keeping a list with comments/annotations so that I can remember why I loved a character or description. I thoroughly enjoy reading book reviews by other bloggers... so, maybe I'll try some of that type of thing. We'll see.

May the pages you turn make many delightful memories in 2009!


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