Tutelage in Theology

Our eldest child has a good grasp on the heart of his faith. It is a beautiful, yet humble, thing to watch a human being's faith journey unfold and prepare for flight. And yet, there are those 'big' questions of faith that must be covered before he leaves our nest. These 'big' questions deserve more than a trite "because I said so" answer. Questions such as "How Does God Reveal Truth?" and "How Did We Get the Books of the Bible?" and so on.

Recently, I discovered a study called Basic Theology for Kids. A former pastor of ours, Steve Lucas and his son, wrote this lovely e-book that easily downloaded to my desktop. As I perused the questions presented and scripture references, I found myself eager to begin this study with our son. The study covers more than Sunday School topics. It provokes discussion on front-line issues that often plague believers and leave them standing lukewarm in their faith-walk.

I highly recommend this simple, yet deep, study to help give your children the wings they need to fly as maturing believers. Go ahead, check it out. And may your days of training in theology be fruitful to both you and your children.


Mrs. Edwards said…
Thanks for this tip. I am very frustrated with the drivel that passes for children's ministry these days. We are fortunate to have a very Biblical program at our church, but I keep an eye on trends in children's ministry and it seems what is popular right now ranges from silly to down-right false.

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