Taking a Second Glance at those Red Kettles...

Sadly, I must admit that I've never really thought much about the Salvation Army in years past. Oh, I've tossed in some loose change and/or a dollar bill or two. I also recall being slightly irritated by the idea that one or two big-box retailers wouldn't give the bell-ringers a place to set-up shop. But ask me to tell you what the Salvation Army actually did or how they served our community and I'd be speechless.

Until this year....

Many of you know that we have a precious one, affectionately nicknamed Little Boy Blue. At 20 months old, he is the newest official member of our family. His beginnings were quite tenuous. Immediately after his birth, he was placed in the foster care system. Many of the details are very personal; yet, here is one that I can share. During the course of his life in utero, Little Boy Blue and his biological Mom and Dad spent nights at the Salvation Army where they were provided meals and somewhere to sleep.

I'm so grateful this year to the people behind those little red kettles. Thank you from this Mommy's heart. And as you pass the way of the kettle this year, pop in a few coins... you never know just who might benefit from your generosity.


SeƱora Smith said…

Thank you for sharing this. I am going to put a link to your post on my blog - I think most of us don't have a connection to that little red kettle, and have passed by dropping in coins (or not) without giving it much thought. Thanks for giving us something to think about outside of ourselves.

Merry Christmas,
Amy said…
I have actually always liked the little red kettles! I decided a couple of years ago that it would provide a nice hands on lesson for my children to experience a little bit of "giving" to others. The only hard part is remembering to keep extra cash or change on hand for those quick trips in and out of the store:)


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