Bee-lieve Me!

It is absolutely my privilege to tell you about my friend, Liz, and her very first book, Ebenezer: the Claustrophobic Bee. First, about Liz... she is a caretaker to all of God's creation. She and her husband have animals of all types... they are 'animal foster/adoptive parents' on a very large scale. Additionally, Liz is a person of great knowledge and introspection. In her first literary endeavor, Liz shares her knowledge and passion for God's important little worker, the bee.

Here are Liz's own words about her project.
"This is an educational book about bees in story format. The anatomy, physiology, and working aspects of bees and their hive are all accurate and true… this is a work of fiction based entirely on true bee facts. Ebenezer is a bee who wants to get a job and leave his crowded hive occasionally. Unfortunately, he is a drone (a boy bee), and it is the girl bees who have all the jobs. He is befriended by a sweet worker bee named Izabelle who helps him find his true calling in life.

This educational book has bee vocabulary words in bold throughout the book and a detailed glossary in the back. There are also additional bee facts at the end of the story. My dad, a talented artist, is the illustrator.

Bees are so important to our environment. Without them, we simply could not feed our populated world. Yet we are on the brink of a possible catastrophic event as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) became a concern a few years ago, and began wiping out colonies of bees. To date, the USA has lost 20-30% of its bee population because of this mysterious disorder. When you realize that 60% of the food you eat is directly related to honeybee pollination, it becomes evident that this is a major concern.

My goal is to educate and entertain kids and adults of all ages, and to encourage everyone to learn more about bees."
This book is sure to be a huge hit with homeschoolers and teachers who seek 'living books' - those that are 'alive' with facts and yet grasp the attention and imagination of students. Stay tuned for more information about how I plan to use Liz's book in a unit study on bees for my kiddos.

May you 'bee' blessed today!


Mrs. Edwards said…
Very cool! We'll get it and read it. Thanks for the tip.

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