Mommy's Little Helper

It has literally been a gut-wrenching time around here... we've had a stomach virus that has simply flattened our family. Hubby had to get on a plane after hours of dealing with the microscopic menace. Whew.

Last night, it hit me around 11:30. In typical Mommy-mode, I gathered my wet washcloth, Immodium, liquids, etc. and prepared for the long haul. My brain was planning how our day would look if I were down-for-the-count with 4 kiddos running around. Miraculously, by this morning, I felt just fine. What has been a 24-hour bug for other family members only lasted a few hours for me. Yipppeeee.

Now for the sweet part... after dinner, I started feeling icky again. Precious Prince Caspian (just 27 months) came in the living room to check on me. I asked him to go get our 5-year old daughter, Little Mommy, for me so that she could bring me the heating pad. The next thing I know, Prince Caspian comes back with a huge smile and the heating pad saying 'I ehper.' (I helper) Yes, sweet boy, you are a helper. This Mommy is so blessed.


Pam said…
I forgot to say in my comment above, that I'm sorry you were sick and I'm so glad you are feeling better! Mommy being sick is often a chance for the sweet little people to shine. What a sweetie you have!

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