Fostering Feelings...

With our adoptions behind us and an impending move, I've really not given much thought to fostering or adoption of late. Absolute certainty exists that we will encourage others in their efforts to foster/adopt. As for us, who knows? I'm just fine with the uncertainty of such a thing... the encouraging others is easy and one that can take place regardless of a license or locale.

However, the past few days have brought several surprises that have reopened this discussion in my brain ...

First, I received a letter from Little Boy Blue's biological mother casually asking for a visit. She relinquished parental rights to him early this year. The circumstances surrounding our letters are about 10 posts in length - complicated and odd. Suffice it to say, visitation is not something we have planned in 'our' agenda. And yet, her redemption is precious to God... I pray He keeps this at the forefront for me. I'm so tempted to slip into judgmental mode. I also realize, though, that redemption does not mean visitation. Little Boy Blue is out of the system and we are all moving forward.

Second, I read a wonderful book about miraculous adoption stories. This book literally jumped into my hands at the library. I was simply not looking or even interested in such a book. And yet, I read it from cover to cover in an hour. I believe it is called Treasury of Adoption by Karen Kingsbury?? Something along those lines. It is worth a read!

Third, I read these posts at a blog I enjoy I Can't Be A Foster Parent, Because - Part 1 and I Can't Be A Foster Parent, Because - Part 2. Both of these posts reminded me of our journey and the very important questions we asked along the way. And yet, I'm additionally convicted to look deeper and see if any of those reasons may be subtly creeping into my thinking today?? Here, on the other side of adoption, do I say to myself 'We've done our part, we'll leave the rest up to the younger folks?' I think I do. Drat!

Fourth, I've discovered that there are organizations in our country that promote education and coordinated services for Drug Endangered Children, children exposed to drugs in utero or in a home where drug use is out-of-control. Until today, I did not know such a term 'Drug Endangered Children' existed. There is something so good and hopeful about these efforts. In our experience, the biggest obstacle between connecting drug-exposed children to adoptive parents is lack of or incomplete information out there about these children and their needs.

My heart is being twisted and tugged; my faith is being tested and tried. And yet, I'm not at all sure of where God is leading us. We are moving at some point in the next 6 months. We no longer have a Texas fostering license due to our anticipated move. We certainly don't have a Michigan license. But, as my hubby said last night, if we get a call about a child needing a home we will take him/her. I guess it really is that simple, for now.


gracie :) said…
I'm sitting here with a tiny little person laying on that I strongly considered not taking in. And I wonder, how could I have said no? Yes, it has meant sleepless nights, more diapers, less going out...but I've found comfort in my own stress by giving of myself to a child in need. Strange, huh? Dave and I were just talking tonight about the fact that we actually "like" being foster parents. Here we are in a place we could never have imagined for ourselves, living an adventure that only the Lord could have brought us to...and loving it, despite the insanity of the system. It seems that just when we get comfortable with the way things are, God shakes us up and reminds us of His heart for this world. There is still so much to learn!

I look forward to seeing where your journey will lead from here. May God's blessings be upon your family as you follow the path He sets before you!

And thanks for sharing those excellent posts...I will be sending people to read them as well!
Pam said…
Laura, thanks for sharing your heart so openly and honestly. I marvel at God's plan for our families ~ each so unique and different, but all for His glory. My heart is very tender toward adoption, and I will pray that God will make your next steps plain as you wait on Him.

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