Back in the Saddle...

It has been much too long, friends! How goes it out there in cyberland?

Just to get you updated on our family, here are a few tidbits:

*We have a new family member!!! Our adoption of our precious Little Boy Blue was finalized on Monday. Yipppeee. Although he has been with us for over 15 months, there is something beautiful about permanency and forever. Can't you just see the smile on my face?

*We are moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan. After contemplating several cities, we feel like this is where God wants us to land. There is great peace in our decision, even though we've never laid eyes on this area.

*Our house is about to sell! Yes, it is true. We are expecting an official offer very soon. We've had some verbal discussion via our realtor which looks very promising. If all continues, we will close on our house very quickly and lease the house back for 30 days.

*Winding Road Academy is in full swing. I have noticed such maturity in our oldest, Budding Author. He is diligent and works independently a great deal more than in the past. The math curriculum we've chosen, Teaching Textbooks, has given him the confidence that he can 'learn' without me. I love that! My sweet Kindergartener, Little Mommy, is rockin' and rollin' through her work. I've found that my girl needs more 'crafty-type' things. This is an area where I need help! I have a craft closet stocked with goodies for the kids to use; yet, I need to make some time to organize the crafts for her. This is important - I don't want to gloss over this when she loves it.

*The two wee boys are handling school quite well. Prince Caspian loves nursery rhymes. He is so cute acting out 'Little Boy Blue Come Blow Your Horn.' Our very own Little Boy Blue loves songs and playing in boxes. I try to have a new box on hand regularly for the little ones to climb in and out while we march forward with school.

*I'm praying that I will find a special friend in Michigan. This is going to have to be a supernatural thing from God happening - I'm not hugely outgoing in terms of building a friendship. Plus, I can't seem to find time for phone calls with friends. How do you build a friendship without these things? So, God, this one's up to you!

Hmmm, anything else? I will be posting more frequently here and adding some more personal info since our adoptions are complete.

Thanks for hanging in with me here - this is an odd season for me, but an important one. Blessings to you today!


Sunday said…
Praying for you as you look for a house. Let us know if we can help. Hope to meet you all sometime soon.

Pam said…
I'm so excited about your move to Grand Rapids, Laura! I have never been there (shame!) but I have several cyber friends in that area and it is SO homeschool friendly, and there are certainly lots of christians so your ds's prayers are answered in that respect! I'll pray for the specific neighborhood that God is preparing for you, and for your new church, and for a special friend for you. God knows your needs and it is apparent He has already been working to meet them!

Pam in SE MI
Pam said…
P.S. I forgot to congratulate you on the adoption of your Little Boy Blue, but I certainly meant to. So.... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I am so thrilled he is forever yours and you are forever his. God is good.

Blessings to you!

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