Driving in the Right Direction ...

No question about it, I'm a driven person. Prior to making Christ the Lord of my life, I believed academics and intellectual achievement were the end-all. My pursuit of intellectualism led me to a classical undergraduate degree and then 3 years of law school followed by employment in various legal positions, as well as being a small-business owner. Mine was a never-ending quest for recognition and success of the material kind ...

And then I gave up the wheel. Subsequently, I've come to understand that my drive itself is not inappropriate... rather, it is the direction of my drive that brings on a pile-up. As I drive toward the material, the outward appearances of success, I am consistently disappointed and confused. When God gently directs a U-turn and I am able to drive in the right direction, the confusion ceases.

Our first semester of homeschooling absolutely brought my 'driving' challenge to the forefront. The question became for me: Do I push my kids to be 'little Einsteins' or do I place value on what God values, my children's character, and let the academics fall into place as they will? After several promptings from a variety of sources, His direction became my direction.

Don't misunderstand me here ... excellence is absolutely to be valued. When we do our best as unto the Lord, we honor Him. But excellence is not an end, in and of itself. It is merely a piece of the 'fruit' of going His direction.

Are you ever tempted, like me, to let the incredible curriculum dictate rather than allowing the Holy Spirit to guide your day? I'm more committed than ever to surrendering to the Lord and giving our days the freedom that will allow us a detour.

May your trip and mine be full of detours and plenty of sightseeing!


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