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My husband and I are watching the John Adams miniseries produced by HBO. We belong to Netflicks and enjoy the ease Netflicks provides to families who live outside large cities. This mini-series is excellent and based on the biography of John Adams, written by historian, David McCullough.

Recently, David McCullough spoke to Boston College graduates. The text of his commencement address, entitled "The Love of Learning" is online here. I must begin an effort to remove those pesky little words 'like', 'awesome', etc. from my every hour vocabulary.


Oh, I also loved Mr. McCullough's book, 1776.


Mrs. Edwards said…
I didn't realize this was available on DVD already. II read the book my McCullough and remember thinking that I would like to see the mini-series when I read the review. Thanks for the tip!

I am re-reading The Winds of War and asked my husband (the keeper of our Netflix queue) to put the mini-series on the queue. It turns out that it is six disks long, so that might take awhile.
Pam said…
I am nearly finished with the book "John Adams" and am now reading slowly so as to prolong it! It has been such a fascinating read. I have 1776 waiting on my end table. I'm so glad to know about the HBO miniseries! I know I would love it, and we belong to Netflix too, so I think that's going in the queue!

Pam in SE MI (from TOG blogroll)
lahbluebonnet said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the lovely comments! I'm glad you posted this speech. That was excellent! I have 1776 on the bookshelf and I am hoping to be able to start reading it this summer!
Laurie (lahbluebonnet)

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