I smell a rat ...

The morning dawned with our Principal in absentia on a business trip. Morning jobs began and Budding Author headed out to feed our English Mastiff in the garage. He quickly ran back inside to announce that a rat had found a feast in the dog food bin. This was shocking news given the fact that our cat is a mean and nasty rodent killer.

Budding Author was pumped ... he ran to find the cat and took her straight to the food. She quickly grabbed the rat and ran for the woods. (Well, maybe it was just a mouse... but, a rat sounds so much more fierce to an almost-8-year-old boy.)

By that time, both older kiddos were in on the excitement and ran to tell me of the activity. After a moment, Budding Author's face just dropped ... "Oh, Mom! We could have studied that rat!" Ah! Success. May your life of learning continue to grow, Budding Author. And Mom sighs in great relief that this 'experiment' was derailed by the cat.


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