Delightful Day

Oh, how can I etch this day in my mind? After a series of challenging homeschool days last week, I was absolutely delighted to have a day like today redeem homeschooling for me.

We covered lots of ground in every subject with both Budding Author & Little Mommy. We had a great circle time as we work our way through the early church in Acts, memory work and toddler songs for the wee ones. The wee ones were down for a nap at 12:30 and so we were able to work through Science & History before heading outside for the kids to introduce me to the beehive they recently found in our creek area.

What a cool thing to have a beehive in your own backyard! We also added a frog to our snail collection and began to work on a new terrarium for the baby turtle my Mom is delivering on Wednesday. It is nice to have the time to delve into these subjects and prepare for our houseguest before he arrives.

We picked a few new flowers growing in the shady part of the woods. On one of the flowers was a 'white crab spider' a tiny fellow who seemed camouflaged on the petals. He walked sideways like a crab. Come to find out this type of spider can change colors depending upon the flower it chooses. They do not spin webs, but rather lie in wait for their prey and catch them in their pinchers. He was very interesting to watch.

All in all, it was a day to remember. Now, if I could just get my brain to remember anything these days, I'd be in business.


Angela said…
Thank you for the kind response over at Heart of the Matter. I love your blog and look forward to going through the rest of it!

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