Books, Books and More Books!

A major excitement for me is finding books ... especially free books and sale books. Not just any books, mind you! When I find a bargain book that is either on our Tapestry of Grace reading list or my growing literature list (which I hope to post before too long), I get very excited.

One major way we have saved money on my book buying is through BookMooch. I have 'mooched' 100 books from other BookMooch members. I have sent 84 books to people who have 'mooched' our books. When someone 'mooches', I mail the book media mail ($1.87-$2.14). Members accrue points simply by posting books and mailing their books. I have over 30 points right now that will allow me to 'mooch' 30 more books that are on my wishlist. The wishlist really has been an important part of the excitement. I have 422 books on my wishlist. When one of these books is entered by another Member, an e-mail comes to me letting me know that the book is available. This is invaluable to me... I cannot imagine spending hours every day to see if someone has entered these books. I wouldn't do it.

This weekend we cleaned out our little library to make room for the many books a friend has graciously sent our way! What a delight to post the ones we are ready to part with on BookMooch and have 12 mooches to send out today for someone else to enjoy. True recycling for book lovers!

Another thing I did not know until recently is this ... Half Price Books gives home schooling Moms a 15% discount. I love that!

Of course, there are plenty of new things I still have to order, but often I find brand new books competitively discounted at another favorite, Rainbow Resource. I find that I keep a wishlist at Rainbow Resource, too. I wait until I have an order of $150 or more for free shipping... so, maybe I order from them 1 time a semester. That wishlist just grows and grows as I noodle through curriculum choices.

It is my prayer that one thing in this post helps you in some small way. Happy Reading, Friends!


SeƱora Smith said…

Thank you SO much for these book resources! I cannot wait to join BookMooch! Fyi, the FHIS used book sale is May 17th.

sra. smith

ps. I feel much better knowing your garden has grass, too! hah!

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