Two Toddlers On the Loose in the Schoolroom ...

Shriek! Gasp! Yikes! Two Toddlers are on the loose in the one-room schoolhouse ... do we put out a trap to catch them, do we use a broom to sweep them out, or do we invite them to join in the absolutely craziness that is going on??

With Little Boy Blue's first birthday on Sunday, we officially have two one-year olds in our home. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it. In all seriousness though, we are feeling excited about the future of homeschooling these two little guys. They are so close in age (9 months) that sometimes I think they act more like twins ... Prince Caspian constantly wants to know where Little Boy Blue is located ... 'Wehs Dadeeel?' Child-speak for 'Where's Gabriel?' OK. I've officially put his first name out there in the blogosphere; please do not use it without permission :).

With all of this and 10 weeks of homeschooling under our belt, we are almost in a routine; almost! I do get the 'change-things-up' bug very frequently, but the basic ebb and flow of our days remains unchanged. Yesterday,I know my voice was much too loud and Prince Caspian was much too whiny. And yet, we accomplished much.

Things we are working on:
*Planning a Medieval Feast a.k.a. Open House for grandparents in early May;
*Selecting Math for Budding Author - this one is giving me HUGE grief;
*Mastering the Bug Vacuum that allows us to gather up the critters and place them in a lovely terrarium;
*Finishing up our astronomy study;
*Continuing with copywork of George Washington's Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior (this is hilarious and quite interesting);
*Finishing the Viking Age;
*And many more items which appear, at first glance, to be unrelated. In reality, each thing fits perfectly in this odd, fluid school called Winding Road Academy.

Enjoy your day!


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