Green Hour Assignment #2 - Night Voices

Tonight my husband took our two eldest on an evening nature walk. Our Little Mommy (4.5) is in a music class which asked her to listen to animal night voices this week ... we just decided to dove-tail that assignment with the Green Hour Challenge for this week.

Prior to the walk, we talked about using our quiet voices and how the animals would not want to talk if we were loud. So, hands-in-Daddy's-hands they all headed out the front door. They heard man-made 'night voices' like cars and a train. They also heard a coyote, various birds and possibly, an owl.

For this week's Green Hour Challenge, the adults were to do some reading in the Handbook of Nature Study. I love this book anyway, so this assignment was not a tough one for me. Next, we were to ask our children to think about what they heard and saw on their nature walk.

Question 1: Use one word to describe something you heard.
Question 2: Use two words to describe something you saw.
Question 3: Use three words to describe something you felt.

Little Mommy's answers:

1. 'Haaaaooooooo'
2. Darker trees
3. My Daddy's hand

Sweet, sweet, sweet. Daddy will take as many of those moments as he can get.


Tina said…
What a wonderful evening time with dad. I just love the comment of what he felt. :o)
"My Daddy's Hand"....this really touched my heart. I keep thinking that "nature study" is so much more than just getting outside and this proves it. It is more about relationships than anything else.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom
Can I share the quote on my blog?
Anonymous said…
Oh, that is so sweet! Priceless! Thank you for sharing.

Happy Nature Adventuring,

Makita said…
Precious! Building memories, one moment at a time. :)

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