The First Month

We have officially completed 4 weeks of home education. Wow and Whew! It was an intro like I never expected in all of my dreaming about 'being a teacher.' The kids have taken to our school like fish to water; why did I expect otherwise? I suppose it was doubts about my ability to juggle it all that kept me from imagining the best.

The most effective initial decision for our family was the 4-day school week. With all of the external pressure of foster care bearing on us this month, it was really nice not to have the guilt of missing a school day piled on top. I could easily schedule our week around the caseworker visits, therapy for Little Boy Blue and the trial. And, of course, our 'friend days' were huge successes.

Overall, I have many lessons to take away from this first month. I have slight alterations to make for this week. And, I have 3rd grade and Kindergarten to plan. It all excites me. The fire does burn in me to spark and flame a love for learning and a heart for God in my children. I can share in their successes and challenges in a very intimate way.

There is one thing that I must seek ... more alone time with God. I have been sporadic and shallow in my quiet time. There are days when I felt empty by 3:00 due to my quick time with the Lord. It is this that undergirds my ability to shepherd my children. May I take this time first and throughout the day.

Tune in as I 'think aloud' on our curriculum choices in the upcoming weeks. Not only will the discussion put you to sleep faster than a sleep aid, it will also dull your mind to any further consideration of homeschooling your children... teasing ya!


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