Turning a Page

This week has to rank right up there as one of my favorite of all time! This home education experience has been a huge surprise. Here are some of my best realizations from the week:
  • A 4-day school week REALLY works well for our family and for the teacher;
  • Our kids are willing and able to work hard, consistently, for 4 school days;
  • We can accomplish many things in a fairly short period of time;
  • One-on-one teaching works well for both of our children;
  • Flexibility excites all of us;
  • Books are my best friend.
All in all, we've had a super week. Some exciting moments to share:
  • Crumpling up math worksheets upon successful completion;
  • Working math problems on the white board and with manipulatives;
  • Impromptu painting;
  • Digging deeper in Astronomy - an interest in the Hubble Telescope led to a study of the International Space Station... which led to an online tour of the ISS and a desire to know when we might be able to view the Space Station over Texas... rabbit trails are wonderful;
  • Learning that Galileo was homeschooled!!;
  • Bag O' Shoes for Prince Caspian ... worked like a charm;
  • Budding Author's first Decalogue (his chosen topic: 10 Ways for Siblings to Get Along);
  • Spelling, spelling, spelling ... in unique and creative ways;
  • Circle time is a really fun way to start our day!;
  • Hearing over and over and over how much everyone loves homeschooling!
I keep pinching myself and asking 'is this real?' 'Do I really have responsibility for the education of our children?' However, I have a very supportive Principal and great curriculum. What more does a budding teacher need? (Maybe a teaching certificate would be nice right about now, right Bobo?)

Oh, and for those of you who think it is crazy to teach a 7 year old Latin, I apologize! He enjoys it and is already recognizing the roots of words as we go through our day. Plus, we came across Julius Caesar's words this week Veni, vidi, vici!. It was really nice for him to 'get it' when I said that meant 'I came, I saw, I conquered.' So, we will continue in this direction, at least for now and enjoy the roots of Latin in languages all around us.


Steve Sensenig said…
Reading this post makes me want to pull out some of my old Texas vocabulary and simply say:


Keep up the good work, Laura! It's exciting to see you excited about homeschooling.
Staci M. said…
I have been thinking about you all week long as you kick off your first week at Winding Road Academy. Sounds like it couldn't have gone better. And once again, you amaze me with all that you are able to do!!! Take care!

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