My Favorite Things...

The Sound of Music is one of my all-time favorite films. Recently, our VHS version bit the dust. We went without a copy for several months and it was as if we were missing an old friend. So, we purchased a new, digitally improved DVD with color enhancement, etc.

Little Mommy is very happy. She regularly begs us to act out the Sound of Music. She, of course, is Gretel. She assigns me to be Maria, or sometimes, Liesel, if I'm looking like I'm 16 going-on 17. Oh, I hate it when she wants me to be Baroness Schrader! Daddy is the Captain. Budding Author is Frederick. The two wee boys are our audience. All in good fun!

Isn't 'My Favorite Things' one of the best songs ever written? I can sing that with my Little Mommy and smile regardless of any circumstance. In my short time as a homeschooling Mommy, I've come to many 'favorite things' in our school day! You know what I enjoy the most? Time! I have time with my kids to do all sorts of things. The clock is no longer my enemy. It is delightful.

Another of my favorite things ... the Internet. The Internet has its dark side; however, for a homeschooling Mom, there are all sorts of benefits out there. There are freebies, ideas and all sorts of blogging homeschool Moms who encourage one another. The thing I love most about the Internet is the endless possibilities for rabbit trails. What would have years ago required a trip to the library, now requires only a click of the mouse. With a toddler and baby, this is a blessing. The library is no longer one of my favorite places, given the impossibility of browsing with little ones. Maybe in a few more years!

May you time be plentiful and your days peaceful!


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