Highlights of Day One...

Wow... here it is 3:00 and I feel like I've done a day's worth of manual labor! We just finished up our school day and Budding Author's comment was "You are a great, great, great teacher!" I stood there with my mouth gaping open. You see, I'm not a great teacher... I just love him, that's all. And I know exactly what pushes his academic buttons.

The kids kicked off the day with P.E. with Dad. We are hoping that they can get outside and walk most days; however, today we had to settle for calisthenics in the living room. Then everyone headed upstairs. We had our circle time w/ prayers, geography songs, memory work and unplanned dancing.

Next came Math ... review with Budding Author while Little Mommy learned how many different ways to make '4' with her math rods. Prince Caspian did a great deal of whining this morning. I pulled out a box full of shoe boxes which entertained him for a bit. I've decided to put a basket of shoes up here... he loves shoes.

Language Arts was more review for Budding Author on contractions. Little Mommy worked hard on short vs. long vowels. Spelling was awesome... I'm just going to have to add some harder words in. The most exciting thing for both is our Book Bingo game. My sister gave me a suggestion and I made something to fit for us... maybe I'll post it sometime.

Afternoon was History and Science. We are wrapping up the Romans in History... probably at least a day or two more. We finished Bats in Science and will begin our new Astronomy book tomorrow (Exploring Creation with Astronomy - Apologia elementary).

Budding Author is about 4 weeks in to Prima Latina Latin curriculum which we will do once per week.

All in all, I'd call our first day a success. I realize that this is an up and down thing and my kids won't always be this excited; however, to kick it off with such fervor warms my heart.

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Pam said…
How exciting! To start off with such excitement will be a memory you will treasure and maybe pull out on those challenging days to remind you how good it can be.
Kerri said…
Yea! I'm so glad you had a great first day. That's important. I need to hear your stories of success and get rejuvenated. I hope the rest of your week is going well.

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