Countdown to Day One...

Monday, the first day of Winding Road Academy, rapidly approaches! Am I ready? Have months of planning prepared me for the reality that awaits in a few days??

I tend to be an over-thinker, an over-planner and organizer. These tendencies have certainly been stumbling blocks in the past. However, home education is one area that these traits do pay off.

If you think of us on Monday, please lift us up in prayer. I'm sure I'll need it as I see what really 'works' for us and what needs to be changed. This first semester is going to be a work-in-progress, this I know!

Hopefully, I'll write more about our curriculum in the future. I do plan to take some pictures of our work, just to keep us all excited about moving forward... and an opportunity to show-off without too much boasting included :).

Diving in,


Christy said…
We will definitely be praying for you on Monday! We are starting back up again with a structured schedule on Monday as well.
Glad to have yet another area in which we can relate to one another!

Christy :)
Steve Sensenig said…
And if I might add to what Christy said, we are finding that it's always a "work-in-progress". That's the beauty of homeschooling: the ability to constantly adapt to the child's point of learning.

We'll be praying and anticipating a great first semester for you! :)

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