Confessions of a Homeschooling Mommy, Part Two

In case you didn't get a chance to read my friend, Kerri's comment, I had to share ...

So here's some confessions of my own. I have occasionally found, close to noon, that although my children have beds made, teeth brushed and are clothed, I am none of the above. I have discovered that in the winter a load of washed clothes has longer in the washing machine without turning sour. I have discovered that lunch can be just yogurt with something else, and that, in a child's mind, anything goes with yogurt. I've discovered that laundry is my worst enemy, and that attacking a 4 foot pile of clean clothes on my bed is best with either praise music or a good movie. And I've discovered that a clean house for the homeschooling family is really just a pie in the sky!
My belly hurts from laughing about these things that we never mention to one another. Laundry is my worst enemy, too. I have some real issues with socks. I buy so many socks in an attempt to make it all easier. Yet, still I cannot find mates to socks. And even weirder, socks appear everywhere! I find one sock on the kitchen counter, one on top of the TV, one under my computer, one in my sink, one behind the toilet and one in our art supplies. It has gotten to be my personal joke with myself. Where will I find a lonely sock next?

Another semi-confession ... I'm changing a line item on our budget from 'Clothing' to 'School Uniforms a.k.a. Pajamas.' I'm shocked at how much time we all spend in our pajamas. I might need to update my PJ wardrobe since I mine are, perhaps, 15 years old. Don't worry, Mom, we do get dressed some days ... especially if CPS is coming for tea. :)

Hope you've enjoyed a chuckle today. More to come about our week and a very special 'History' project with Grandmom.


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