Climbing our Family Tree

Last Thursday was a really, really important afternoon in our one-room schoolhouse. My Mom came up and embarked upon a special project with the kids. The project is a study of our extended family, complete with pictures, commentary and historical perspective.

On a previous outing to Michael's, we purchased inexpensive scrapbooks and some stickers that represented 'family things.' We then scanned old family pictures and printed them. The kids chose which pictures and what stories were interesting to them and important enough to put in their album.

So far, my Mom only shared stories about her and my Dad's early childhood. That seemed enough for one afternoon and 4 scrapbook pages. Favorite stories included 'How to Catch a Snake With Only a Stick', Years Without Potties, Iceboxes and Ice Deliveries, Clothes from Flour Sacks and War Stories. Next month, she will talk more about their high school years and early married life.

There are so many reasons why this project means a great deal to me. On one level, it is time spent with a grandparent... never enough of that, right? Then, there is the obvious benefit of 'knowing those from whom you came.' On another level, I feel like it is a nod from my parents toward our homeschooling choice. I take the willingness to participate as an understanding and an encouragement of our efforts.

While my kiddos are working on this lovely project, I might just have to schedule an afternoon nap.


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