The Socialization Question - Part A

“Accusing a homeschool kid of missing out on socialization is like accusing a work-at-home entrepreneur of missing out on corporate politics.”
–Perry Marshall

Perhaps the most common question homeschooling families hear is the question about socialization. I've read many articles and blog posts on the topic... most which are right on. There is more I'd like to communicate regarding this topic, but the day is lovely and family pictures are about to begin!

So for today, the quote and a few comments are probably more than enough. For our family, the above quote rings so true and really puts the right perspective on the socialization question. My hubby works from home; not an entrepreneur, but working at home, nonetheless. Many parents work at home and I cannot imagine one saying that he misses the gossip and back-stabbing of corporate America.

What freedom a Dad, or Mom for that matter, has when he or she can get up, eat breakfast and get right to work rather than having to wade through the mire of water cooler jokes. I tend to think the corporation is getting a great deal, too - an employee who is happily able to focus on the job. Additionally, a work-at-home person is an employee who easily moves between work and life.

The same goes for our children. As home educated folks, they will not have to navigate through the myriad of distractions to grasp that single nugget of knowledge. They can beautifully focus on the tasks at hand, all the while enjoying the business of living and learning.


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