Drive-Thru History

We love Netflix... we log on, select movies to be delivered to our mailbox and wait around 24 hours - voila, there the movie sits in our mailbox. With Netflix, we have an opportunity to see movies we missed at the theater over the last 7 years. We also select movies for our kiddos and then ones that have a bit of educational emphasis. :) Then we just pop them back in the mailbox and within 48 hours receive the next movie in our queue. And, we avoid the oddities of entering a video store in 2007...

In searching for movies that reinforce Ancient History, I just could not seem to find anything kid-friendly and Christianity-friendly. Until last night! In a few catalogs, I have seen a reference to the Drive-Thru History video series. I am not one to splurge and purchase things unless I have sampled it or have a great reference. So, when I saw that Netflix carried several of the videos, I added it to our queue.

Last night, we watched 'Greece and the Word' and were so pleasantly surprised. The footage of Ancient Greece was nice, the tour guide was humorous and most importantly, the video wove our previous study of Greece in with Biblical history and the spread of Christianity. I was so excited to learn that Alexander the Great's conquests of Asia Minor provided the backdrop necessary for the Gospel to spread. A common language and established trade routes allowed for communication and easy travel between previously hostile cultures. This is just one tidbit that 'clicked' for me.

Gratefully, the movie inspired deep conversation from Budding Author, too. What else could I ask for in a movie? And the kids never even realized they were learning! Yipppeeee.

Netflix does not carry the Drive-Thru for Ancient Rome called 'Rome if you want to.' I just might have to purchase that one! Drive-Thru also has movies on Turkey, East Meets West, and an entire series on American history.

Happy Traveling!


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